July 26th, 2012
Want an Active Social Network? Try Kickball
By Dave Caldwell

"Evan Parness...had met his girlfriend, Cherish Repp, at a New York City Social Sports Club kickball kickoff party a year earlier..."

" have to make the effort to get out... NYC Social helps in that effort."

July 28th, 2011
Brooms and Ball, but No Wizards
By Dave Caldwell

"Mr. Gonzalez...signed up for Broomball because he grew up playing street hockey in Brooklyn and thought the program would be a fun way to meet people."

"The NYC Social Sports Club puts a heavy emphasis on the word “social” in its name..."

October 17th, 2009
Newly Invented Sports Are For All
on Good Morning America Weekend

"You never know, today's goofy fad could be the national pastime of tomorrow."

"This is gonna sweep the nation, for sure."


March 12th, 2009
NYC Social Sports Club
by Kyle Stack

"Spring leagues are here: Dust off your jock strap and get in the game."

"KICKBALL The Lowdown: The ultimate playground sport is back. (Sorry, four square.)"


March 10th, 2009
Inner Tube Water Polo Scores As A Workout
by Kafi Drexel

"Inner Tube Water Polo is one of the latest activities from the group New York City Social Sports Club, which aims to keep the 20-to-30-something crowd moving."

"Some people get such a kick out of the competition, that it actually can draw a crowd."

February 3rd, 2009
Broomball is Sweeping Brooklyn
by Ethan Sacks

"The coed league...grew from 20 stragglers in its first year to 200-plus zealots - including me"

"A variation of hockey minus the skates, with funky foam-bottomed sneakers for traction that make bowling shoes look stylish."

January 2nd, 2010
By Cat Greenleaf

"What the hell is Broomball?  Well, its sort of like hockey mixed with some soccer, sprinkled with a little lacrosse."



August 1st, 2012
7 New Places to Meet Someone in NYC
By Sarah Shaker

"You may meet an athletic cutie who's at least looking to make new friends. And don't forget about those post-game happy hours."


July 18th, 2005
NYCSSC Dodgeball League

"The icing on the dodgeball cake is the post-match camaraderie, which the NYCSSC supports with drink specials at sponsor bars. If your many flagrant violations get you kicked off the court before expelling all your 4th grade PE demons, at least you'll be able to buy the stuff that got you over your middle school football failures: beer."


June 28th, 2008
50 NYC Summer Things We Can't Wait For

Compiled by NC, LC, SC, JD, PH, EP, NLP, GS, LS, RW

"Summer is the perfect time to try a new sport..."

"...the winning team gets two free pitchers of beer and a pizza. (Pitchers are $8 for everyone else, so, really, there are no losers.)"  - Drop-In Dodgeball

January 8th, 2010
By Tatsuma Kasama

" 氷の状態にもよるが、リンク上は思ったほどは滑らない。中には、器用にボールをコントロールしな
がら、結構なスピードで走り、豪快に転ぶ人も。カナダの大学 "


April 18th, 2011
Horseplay in the Water
by Dave Caldwell

"Two matches played side by side create a frenetic mix of paddling, splashing, cheering, tube-flipping, goal-scoring - and laughter.  NYC Social Sports Club takes the 'social' in its name seriously."

"...the mood stays light in spite of competition."

July 9th, 2009
Spare Times: NYC Social Sports Club
By Steven McElroy
Photo by Denis Gostev

"Though both types of players seem serious about the games, the focus is clearly on the social aspect of the weekly get-togethers."

"...playing with the New York City Social Sports Club is not going to tax your athletic prowess too much."

"[One captain] started his team with co-workers, and said the league is a 'low-cost morale booster' for the company."

" 'It makes you feel like you are 10 years old,' said a banker and Kickball player who also moonlights as a paid umpire for the league."

January 8th, 2008
Four Drunks, One Cup
A robust college pastime is cheerily resurrected on the LES
by Annie Fischer

"I'm at a Flip Cup tournament. And I'm kind of in shock."

"..everyone here is taking full advantage of the unlimited beer..."

January 16th, 2008
Blowing Off Steam: Corporate Sports Teams at Play
Photos by Rob Bennett
Voice by Scott Schroeder

"Dodgeball is not a ball game, it's a head game."

"...this is the one time where we can not worry about stress, work."

"...there's obviously a demand, because... [NYC Social's] membership doubled in the last year to 20,000."


February 28th, 2007
Dodgeball clubs for adults mix athletics and social interaction
by Kevin Livelli

(Please note, this article is now hosted on the Columbia News Service website.)

“Today, dodgeball is growing exponentially and offering the Generation X and Y crowd a chance to get in shape, meet people, and indulge in a healthy dose of nostalgia.”

"When Short, 33, founded her club in Manhattan in July 2004, she had only about 60 members...Today, she’s got a roster of about 800 people."

January 20th, 2006
Broomball Fever is Sweeping New York City
by Roger Clark

"Broomball was invented in Canada in the early 1900's.  Originally they used actual brooms, but now they have lacrosse sticks and molded tops. The ball is kind of like a small soccer ball"

"Players say it's a great way to meet people, get some exercise, and play a league sport where the people don't take things too seriously."

"For the past five years, the NYC Social Sports Club (NYCSSC) has been helping adults blow off a little steam, connect with new and old friends and reconnect with the games that defined their childhood."

"Build community -- make some new friends -- and maybe even make a 'love connection."

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